What is DogeChia?

DogeChia is the community supported, dog-themed fork of Chia which uses the new Proof of Space and Time Nakamoto consensus algorithm to acquire the cryptocurrency. We are endeavoring to make DogeChia the friendliest and easiest fork of Chia.


Do you have a whitepaper?



Where can I download the DogeChia installer?

Latest installers for version 1.0.15 are available via GitHub release.


dogechia-blockchain-1.0.15-1.x86_64.rpm  137 MB
dogechia-blockchain_1.0.15_amd64.deb  104 MB  155 MB (MacOS 10.15 or higher)  159 MB


The DogeChia source code is available on GitHub.

Source code:


Can I jumpstart my wallet sync?

Yes! — The DogeChia blockchain is available for download in two parts, here: part1 part2. Download both and use 7Zip to extract blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite file at peak height 916,715. January 10th, 2022


How can I get in touch with the DogeChia team?

GitHub Discussions:




Can I farm DogeChia with my existing Chia plots?

Yes, existing Chia plots can be used to farm DogeChia. But as with all other Chia forks, NFT plots generated for pooling will not win a full reward right away. The reward allocated to the pool becomes available for you to claim 7 days later.


What is DogeChia’s prefarm?

The developer pre-farm for DogeChia is 300,000 XDG to support development and cloud infrastructure costs.


Is there a DogeChia Block Explorer?

Yes – Right here:


I noticed that you’ve called your fork “DogeChia”, but GitHub shows you forked Flax. What’s the deal?

We started as a fork of Flax, which itself is a fork of Chia. So we’re actually a fork of a fork of Chia. – We are not affiliated with Chia or Flax.


While our original codebase was a fork of Flax Network, we have since rebased with Chia at their version 1.2.2, which is our version 0.1.5. Since then we have added support for additional wallet types, implemented custom graphics, colored coin support, and addressed several bugs. Including a critical mempool bug Chia fixed at version 1.2.9. We recommend using the latest version of DogeChia at all times.


Didn’t you guys used to have a different URL?


Yes. We used to be at – Now we’re here at  It’s the same blockchain, the same people and the same dog, but a different URL because there was a concern that some people might confuse us, a dog-themed parody crypto project with another, more serious project.


Who is DogeChia?

The DogeChia team is a loosely affiliated group of coders, artists and crypto enthusiasts that are active and passionate members of the Chia Fork community.


We are not cats. None of our developers are cats, and while we wish no harm to cats, we have no plans to work with or otherwise collaborate with cats. Note: You may soon issue your own tokens on the DogeChia blockchain according to the DOG1 standard (See Whitepaper) with the name “cat” in them and we will not whine about it.